The Turks Are Using A Traditional Cologne As An Alternative To Hand Sanitizer

by Suchismita Pal
The Turks Are Using A Traditional Cologne As An Alternative To Hand Sanitizer

When the entire world is having a tough time fighting the battle against coronavirus, Turkey is counting on its age-old-tradition. The Turkish folks are turning their historic cologne or kolonya into hand sanitizers to combat the pandemic spread. The advent of this soothing fragrance in Turkey dates back to the Ottoman Empire, during the reign of Abdul Hamid II. Even to the present day, it holds a profound value in Turkish hospitality.

The Significance of Kolonya In Turkish Culture

The traditional cologne of Turkey is usually crafted with rose, jasmine, fig and other aromatic ingredients. It is sprinkled on the hands of guests as a gesture of welcome. Due to its antiseptic properties, people even spray it on sugar cubes to improve digestion. It also acts as an excellent stress-relieving concoction. Some of the topmost cologne producing brands in Turkey are Atelier Rebul, Selin, Vakko, Duru, Pereja and Eyüp Sabri Tuncer.

Picture Credits: Daily Sabah

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Why To Use It As A Sanitizer?

Kolonya has a much higher alcohol ratio as compared to other perfumes. The Turkish cologne has about 50 to 80 percent of alcohol content, that can kill many harmful germs and bacteria. The very reason they are acting as a reasonable alternative to commercial hand sanitizers. Ever since Turkey reported its first case in mid-March, the demand for cologne in Turkey has surged sharply. The Govt. even stopped the use of ethanol in petrol to increase the production of kolonya and other disinfectants to fight coronavirus.

Picture Credits: The Arab Weekly

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With the number of cases rising rapidly at a global level, other countries too might soon take up the option of Turkish cologne. After all, nature has the secret powers to heal many things that man cannot.