Tweet About Norwegian Food Starts Twitter Thread Celebrating Native Food From Across The World

by Sanjana Shenoy
Tweet About Norwegian Food Starts Twitter Thread Celebrating Native Food From Across The World

No matter where we come from, or what we like to eat, there’s nothing like home-cooked food. Our native cuisine feels like home, tastes like home and touches our mind, body and soul. Recently, a Twitterati first posted tempting pictures of his native cuisine, Norwegian food and in no time, it started a Twitter thread celebrating native food from across the world. So, foodies, assemble!

Tweet On Norwegian Food Educates Tweeple On Food From Across The Globe

Twittertati, Joakim (@joakial_) took to the microblogging site to share a bunch of pictures of Norwegian food. Raspeball,  potato dumplings served with fish, Smalahove (a traditional Norwegian dish made with sheep’s or cow’s head) and a savoury gelatin dish were some of the pictures he shared. Joakim shared three tweets with pictures of his native food that were all about seafood, meat, potatoes, eggs and beetroot.

In no time, his tweet prompted other Twitteratis to share and celebrate their native cuisines as well. @cappadonn26 shared mouthwatering pictures of Turkish food with dolma, Turkish dips and stews looking vibrant and delicious as ever. @sunflowermels said “Thank god for Colombian food” as she tweeted pictures of signatures from her native cuisine. You can see pictures of Ajiaco, a traditional corn and chicken soup and even Bandeja Paisa a platter of minced meat, pork skin, eggs and rice. 

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Indians Shared Pics Of Food From Kashmir, Maharashtra & Rajasthan

Of course, Indians weren’t far behind on this Twitter thread as desis bombarded Twitter with lip-smacking traditional dishes from their regions. @bhav_paaji is so glad he’s a Marwadi as he gave Twitteratis a taste of ghevar and Rajasthani thali.

@Sheadesibrunett is extremely glad she is a Maharashtrian as she gives proof of it with her pav bhaj, misal pav and vada pav pictures. @jigarish is delighted to be a Kashmir as he is thankful for the local Girda roti and other local delicacies.

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Meanwhile, which pictures of your native dishes will you share on this Twitter thread? Did you learn more about food from other cultures across the world thanks to this thread, especially from the tweet about Norwegian food? We certainly did!

Cover Image Courtesy:@joakial_/ Twitter