UAE 52nd National Day: Ministry Lays Down Set Of Rules For Safe Celebrations In The Emirate

Safeguarding Celebrations: UAE Prepares for 52nd National Day.

by Deeplata Garde
UAE 52nd National Day: Ministry Lays Down Set Of Rules For Safe Celebrations In The Emirate

As the UAE eagerly approaches its 52nd National Day on Saturday, December 2, 2023, a jubilant three-day weekend awaits citizens and residents. Simultaneously, amidst the festivities, the Ministry of Interior has issued vital guidelines. Also, the ministry laid down some rules to prioritize public safety. Let’s now delve into the outlined rules and explore the diverse events planned across the nation.

Ministry Lays Down Guidelines Ensuring Safety

To foster a secure and joyful celebration, the Ministry of Interior has set forth essential rules for residents and citizens.

1.Prohibition of Marches and Random Gatherings

Marches and spontaneous gatherings are strictly prohibited to maintain order and safety.

2. Adherence to Traffic Rules

Participants must adhere to traffic rules and heed the instructions of police personnel to ensure smooth traffic flow.

3. Restrictions on Vehicle Modifications

Motorists are barred from using any form of spray, altering vehicle colours, tinting windshields, or modifying number plates.

4. Vehicle Passenger Limits

Vehicles must not exceed the authorized passenger limit, and passengers are prohibited from hanging out of windows or sunroofs.

5. Ban on Reckless Driving and Traffic Disruption

Reckless driving and the disruption of traffic are strictly forbidden on both internal and external roads.

6. Ban On Noise-Producing Additions To The Vehicle

Noise materials and unlicensed engine modifications or extensions that obstruct visibility are illegal in vehicles.

7. Rules For Car Windows
Covering the side windows, and front or rear windshields of a vehicle with stickers or a front sunshade is illegal.

8. Ban On Raising Other Countries Flag

Ministry guidelines doesn’t allow to raise flags of any country other than the UAE.

9. Rules For Shop Owners

Shop owners only allows to display posters or flags that are related to UAE Union Day.

To sum up,  individuals, stores that violate regulations may also receive penalties. So, the 52nd National Day of the UAE will take place this Saturday, commemorating the unification of all seven Emirates into one nation. Expo City will host the official ceremony, and it will be broadcast on all local TV channels and the official website Also, the replays of the event will be available from Tuesday, December 5 through Tuesday, December 12.

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Rules You Should Follow On UAE National Day

During the UAE’s 52nd National Day celebrations, participants must abide by traffic rules and heed the instructions of police personnel to ensure smooth traffic flow and public safety.

It is crucial to follow the guidelines set forth by the Ministry of Interior, which includes restrictions on vehicle modifications and the authorized passenger limit. Furthermore, motorists should keep the volume of songs low to prevent causing noise pollution and disturbing the public. Finally, By adhering to these guidelines, individuals can contribute to a safe and responsible celebration of the country’s National Day.

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