UAE Folks, Keep These Updated Photo Guidelines In Mind For Passport & Emirates ID

by Deeplata Garde
UAE Folks, Keep These Updated Photo Guidelines In Mind For Passport & Emirates ID

UAE has been updating several guidelines regarding visas and passports. This year has witnessed a series of changes in these regulations. A recent development came to light about passports. So be it while applying for a passport or renewing it, you need to have a checklist of these regulations in place. And these guidelines are not limited to passports only but are also applicable to Emirates ID.

Applying Or Renewing UAE Documents?

A revised checklist of guidelines for taking a picture for identity purposes in the UAE has been made public. The travel statistics to and fro from Dubai have been increasing with unprecedented speed. And during the holiday season, a heavy amount of the public is expected to visit or exit this famous destination.

According to the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization, the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP) has released a list of requirements that the photo must adhere to in order to be recognized by smart readers (ICAO).

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10 Photo Guidelines To Follow For Passport & Emirates ID

Pic Creds: Media Gallery

International Civil Aviation Organisation has upgraded its standards regarding the photo on Emirates ID & Passport. A precise picture of the traveller for identification purposes has been made a necessity. Let’s understand what are the requirements.

1. The picture used in the documents needs to have a high resolution for better clarity.
2. The size of the image should fit the dimensions of 35mm X 40mm.
3. Make sure not to use any images that are older than a tenure of six months.
4. A white background in the picture is non-negotiable.
5. The person in the image should possess natural features and nothing over the top.
6. Use of glasses is allowed but make sure it’s not light reflective
7. Dress conservatively according to the UAE national dress code.
8. The Head should be kept parallel to the camera lens not at any other angle.
9. Eyes should be open while photographing and no colour lenses allowed.
10. The resolution must be at least 600 dpi minus any ink traces or shrinkage.

Here’s all you need to know about the updated photo guidelines you require to apply for Emirates ID or Passport in UAE.

Cover Image Courtesy: Media Gallery