UAE Has Banned African Nationals From These 20 Countries From Entering Dubai

by Deeplata Garde
UAE Has Banned African Nationals From These 20 Countries From Entering Dubai

UAE slapping visa ban is not a new story. We saw Dubai banning many countries from entering its border during the COVID-19 era. And now UAE again has banned 20 African countries visa seeking to enter the region for any purpose. There is no specific reason provided behind this action taken by UAE Government. And the ordeal informs the action to take place with immediate effect starting 18th October 2022.

UAE Rejects Visa Applications From African Citizens

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The name of 20 Nigerian countries is simply mentioned below in the table. Applicants from these countries would be either rejected or sent back on trying to enter UAE.

Sr No. Country
1 Uganda
2 Nigeria
3 Republic of Guinea
4 Ghana
5 Liberia
6 Guinea Bissau
7 Dominican Republic
8 Senegal
9 Democratic Republic of Congo
10 Sierra Leone
11 Burkina Faso
12 Comoros
13 Rwanda
14 Ivory Coast
15 Benin
16 Congo
17 Togo
18 Gambia
19 Sudan
20 Burundi

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Reason Behind This Visa Ban

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Dubai has ordered every travel agency to follow this statement. The exact reason behind this visa ban applied to 20 African countries is yet unknown. Some probe that it can be due to COVID-19 precautions. Others have the opinion that the action was taken in light to cancel out these residents taking advantage of overstaying using visit visas to Dubai.

The diplomatic relations between Nigeria and Dubai hit choppy waters a few years back. And this could be another reason we can believe caused this rift.

What do you think led Dubai to take such stringent action against the Nigerians?

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