UAE’s New Visa Scheme Will Come Into Effect From October 3

by Deeplata Garde
UAE’s New Visa Scheme Will Come Into Effect From October 3

According to rankings, the Emirati passport is the most valuable in the Arab world as per the Ministry of Interior machine-readable passports. Monday saw the launch of the advanced series system by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) of the United Arab Emirates. The updated approach aims to draw professionals, experts, creators, and talented workers to the Emirates.

Advanced Series System For UAE Passports

The authority will deliver innovative services that align with the Principles of the 50. It also will meet the requirements of all classifications of foreigners and residents in the future. The idealogy mentioned above will receive support from the new updated visa system. This includes workflow, procedures, controls. as well as new facilities. On October 3, the services will be available, including issuing the latest Emirati passports. Also, the trial of the revised visa and entry permission programme will commence.

Issuance Of Passports

Emirati passports offer residents security and safety. The passport was introduced on September 5 and is consistent with the leadership of the nation’s push for intelligent governance. Additionally, it improves the balance of the UAE’s efforts to strengthen national identification, issue passports and identity cards, and offer clients pro-active services.

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People who have legitimate UAE passports can use them up until expiry. They can apply for a fresh one through the ICP’s website, innovative application or the country’s embassies and consulates. The new UAE passport contains the most recent security and technological features and a unique, contemporary style.

The new generation of passports uses polycarbonate hence making them paperless. This makes it more challenging to tear, damage, or counterfeit. This allows quicker printing and higher levels of security. This improves the effectiveness of speciality printing backed by images and security markings distinguished by their thickness to guard against damage.

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