UAE Launches A Multi-Million Dirham Project To Induce Manmade Rain

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by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 449

UAE is known for many things. Be it the majestic deserts, luxurious stays or thrilling rollercoaster, the country is known as the perfect destination for those looking for some fun and luxury. However, besides this, it is also known for the weather. While the rest of the world, experiences rains, snows, storm, fall, etc. UAE majorly experiences only hot and sunny weather. While residents are now used to the weather, they still wish to experience other weathers’ too. And keeping that in mind, the UAE has now launched a new multi-million dirham grant for scientists to research into making it rain in the country.

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The AED 5.5 Million Grant Will Be Divided Into Three Years 

Headed by the National Centre of Meteorology, grants of AED 5.5 million will be available to those who can contribute to the National Rain Enhancement Programme with their research. Speaking about the funds, it will be distributed in three years. On this, the director of the National Centre of Meteorology and the President of the Regional Association II (Asia) of World Meteorological Organisation, Abdulla Al Mandous, said,

It is a vital step in pushing forward the rain enhancement research to the next level of impact and sophistication. This focus will improve our ability to address water-stress issues more effectively in line with the aspirations of our leadership while enhancing the UAE’s position as a global hub for rain enhancement.”

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As per the data, last year it rained for 38 days in total. And with this new project in the pipe, we are certain that we will able to enjoy a little more rain soon.

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