UAE Peeps, These Hacks Will Surely Get You The Best Travel Deals This Summer; Report

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
UAE Peeps, These Hacks Will Surely Get You The Best Travel Deals This Summer; Report

Who does not love holidays, especially summer vacations? Who is not fond of travel deals? Well, everyone loves them! But getting the best travel deals, especially during peak season, is not that easy until you have read this article. According to Skyscanner’s latest research, about 91% of UAE travellers are planning to go on a summer vacation. But 48% have not yet booked their getaway! If you are one of them, keep reading!

Check Out These Hacks For Best Travel Deals 

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Skycanners’ experts have come up with the best hacks for you to get the best travel deals this summer. 

The first two weeks of the summer break are by far the most popular for vacationing this year, but they are also the most expensive. According to data from Skyscanner, passengers may save 10% on average if they travel during the week of August 19 rather than at the beginning of July, which translates to an average savings of AED760 for a family of four! 

This July and August, flexible travellers who can fly on less-travelled days of the week can save on flights by up to 35%. Also, fewer people will likely be in the airports. For example, by travelling to Turkey on a Friday rather than a Saturday, a family of four can save an average of AED669 on their return flight in July and August. 

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More Hacks Just For You

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For people who don’t know, keywords are game changers. If you use the right keyword while searching for deals, you can actually get your hands on the best ones. For instance, one tip from Skycanners is to type “everywhere” with your travel dates. 

Depending on a number of variables, including which airlines are based there and whose routes they offer, some airports in the United Arab Emirates will be busier than others during peak hours. For instance, a family of four travelling to Italy may save AED13,828 by booking round-trip tickets to Rome in August. 

If you use the right hack at the right place and time, we are sure you will save a lot of money on your next trip. 

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Do use these hacks and let us know!

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