About Half Of UAE Residents Want To Make Their Home Environmental-Friendly: Survey

by Deeplata Garde

Sustainability is an essential key factor in the growing age of globalization. People are turning towards this concept in every possible way. From reducing carbon footprint to picking up housing, the populace is voting toward a sustainable way of living. Dubai has been again on the top of creating the trend as its residents aim to make their homes sustainable.

Residents Are Considering Sustainable Options In Dubai

A sustainable home has as little influence as practicable on the environment. This entails using resources and substances responsibly, minimizing environmental contaminants, and providing a beneficial psychological and physical impact on its residents. A twenty-first-century house should be constructed with a focus on sustainability.


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Smaller homes are significantly more efficient, but this is not the path everyone engaged in ecological house design will choose. You can use less material and energy by building a smaller dwelling. It goes without saying that a better house will take more resources and energy to heat and cool it.

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Statistics Suggest Sustainability Parameters

Over half (55%) of UAE residents say sustainability is an important consideration when buying electrical devices, and 47% of inhabitants overall want to make their homes as ecologically friendly as possible. 27 percent of respondents would move to a different electronic brand if the products offered were better for the environment. One-third (33%) of respondents said that sustainability was equally crucial to pricing in their purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, 29% are aware that the amount they save on utility bills increases with the sustainability of electronic goods. 30% would like electrical brands to emphasize describing sustainability metrics like energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.

We can reduce the environmental impact of air conditioning use by using cooling equipment that is high in energy conservation, which accounts for 70% of the UAE’s power use during the summer.

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