UAE Residents Can Now Order Medicines Online For The Next Three Months

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
UAE Residents Can Now Order Medicines Online For The Next Three Months

UAE residents can now get medicines delivered at their door-step! The UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention (Mohap) has rolled out a new service that supports the #stayhome initiative. The new service that will allow residents to get prescribed medicines delivered at their doorstep for three months. The service supports the stay home policy and will be in place for three months.

MoHap on Friday tweeted: “For your safety wherever you are, you can now order your medications via e-mail without visiting the medical facilities during the next period, and receive a sufficient quantity for a period of 3 months.”

MoHap further added that those with chronic illness can also mail the hospital where your doctor works at least two days before the prescription needs to be revisited. In order to do this, the patient will have to provide his ID card details, mention the doctor’s name, their health condition (health status) and the name of the medicine prescribe- along with an image.

The UAE has been hands-on in battling the dreaded pandemic. Apart from frontliners braving it out at the war footing, the country has also introduced a host on initiatives for the safety of the residents. A nationwide sterilization drive was rolled out, followed by drive-through test centres across the country. The latest addition to this list is Dubai World Trade centre transformed into a massive hospital.

What’s More?

The huge halls of Dubai World Trade Centre have been transformed into the Middle East’s largest hospital. The centre accommodates 3000 beds, including 800 intensive care beds. The move is part of UAE’s efforts to increase the number of beds to handle Covid patients.

Speaking of the initiative, Humaid Al Qatami, director general of Dubai Health Authority, said the emirate has plans in place for all scenarios. He also added that the authorities were equipped to help more than 10,000 patients. “We will have more than two field hospitals ready in Dubai in the coming days to be ready for any situation,” Al-Outami said.