UAE Suspends Entry Of Travellers From Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, & Sri Lanka

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 4213

UAE’s National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority announced the suspension of flights from four countries. The list includes Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, & Sri Lanka. The decision will be effective from Wednesday, May 12. However, transit flights traveling to the UAE and bound for these countries will be exempt from the ban.

UAE Extends Suspension For Travellers From India Until Further Notice

Recently the General Civil Aviation Authority and the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Emergency Management Authority announced the suspension of entry for travellers from India would be extended. An end date for this suspension has not been announced as of now.

The suspension initially started on April 25 and was extended until May 14. However, an announcement made on 4 May clarifies that the ban will stay in place, and residents and visitors would have to wait for the authorities to announce an end date.

What Does The New Rule Imply?

The suspension includes travellers from India on national and international carriers as well as transit passengers coming from India. However, transit flights travelling to the UAE and bound for India are exempted from the ban. In addition, entry is also banned for travellers who were in India 14-days prior to arrival in the UAE.

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UAE Citizens, Diplomatic Visa Holders, & A Few Others Are Exempted

As per the new rule, arrival passengers from India through other countries are not allowed to enter unless they were staying for 14 days in those countries. However, cargo flights between the two countries will continue, as usual.

The GCAA affirmed that UAE nationals, diplomatic passport holders, official delegations, business flights, and golden residence holders are exempted from this decision. However, in the event of them travelling, all passengers must follow a 10-day quarantine, undergo a PCR test at the airport as well as another test on the fourth and eighth days of entering the country. The test results will only be accepted from authorised labs which generate a QR code.

According to the decision, the period of PCR test is reduced from 72 hours to 48 hours, provided that the tests issued by accredited laboratories bearing the QR Code are accepted. This comes in response to the proactive precautionary and preventive health measures issued by all concerned authorities in the country to limit the spread of the COVID pandemic-19, the statement added.

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The GCAA said, “The decision to suspend flights came after studying and evaluating the epidemiological situation in the friendly Republic of India and within the framework of continuous coordination and cooperation with all relevant authorities inside and outside the country that continuously monitor developments in the situation to maintain the security and safety of civil aviation.”

The concerned authorities, under the umbrella of the NCEMA, follow up the global situation to take appropriate decisions that ensure the continuity of the work system within the country, while at the same time reducing the risk of the spread of the pandemic.

The authority called on all travellers affected by the decision to follow up and communicate with the airlines to amend and schedule their flights and to ensure their safe return to their final destinations without any delay or other obligations.

Effective 24 April 2021, Emirates flights from India to the UAE will be suspended. Furthermore, passengers who have transited through India in the last 14 days will not be accepted to travel from any other point to the UAE. 

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What Are Your Options For Cancelled Bookings?

1.       Keep your ticket for future flight

2.       Rebook your flight to another date

You don’t need to call Emirates customer care if you choose the ‘keep your ticket for future flights’. You can get all the information on “Keep your ticket” option here In case of rebookings, passengers must contact their travel agent or booking office.

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