UAE Travellers Are Preferring To Travel Now & Pay Later; Find Out What It Is

There is an increasing demand for travel now and pay later amongst the travellers in the UAE and we're here to tell you about it.

by Anupriya Mishra
UAE Travellers Are Preferring To Travel Now & Pay Later; Find Out What It Is

With summer here, chances are you have already made plans to travel to a different country or maybe even a different city. And it seems, you are not alone. In fact, many UAE travellers are planning to take a vacation, not just to a destination nearby but an expensive one. However, it seems that they are preferring to travel now and later! Here’s all about the latest trend amongst UAE travellers.

What Is Travel Now & Pay Later?

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According to a report by Khaleej Times, it was revealed that there is an increasing demand for travel now and pay later. In case, you are stretching your head, this concept is quite similar to the ‘buy now and pay later’ concept. Under the scheme, UAE travellers are especially preferring long haul and more expensive destinations during the long summer break. With people travelling to cooler destinations and a peak outbound travel season ahead, airfares are skyrocketing. To combat the sky-high airfares, UAE travellers prefer to pay later and travel now instead. In fact, major tourist destinations across Western and Eastern Europe and the far-east are also seeing a peak in fares, so this option is helping travellers to combat this.

Why Are UAE Travellers Preffering This?

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As it happens, residents are opting for travel finance for vacations from local banks. In case you’re wondering, Ras Al Khaimah Bank, Citibank, and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank are some of the many that are offering this initiative. In fact, local airlines have also tied up with local banks that will allow UAE residents to pay for the travel costs in instalments. Not to mention, this would also allow them to travel during the summer and pay for the same in the coming months. In fact, some of these loans are on zero-profit credit! Travel agencies have also confirmed in the same report that they are seeing flexible payment options and they’re actively promoting the same

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Another major reason why people are opting for this concept is because they prefer to travel for 10 to 15 days. During this time, they are clubbing several destinations together. As a result, it’s increasing the expenses on the travel. So, they prefer to pay this in instalments than in one go. As a result, people are opting to travel now and pay these instalments in the coming months, once they return from their vacation.

So, if you are also travelling in the coming days, have you also paid your travel Expense in one go or did you also opt for travel now and pay later?

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