UAE-US Travel: Visit Visas To States Are Delayed By Upto One Year

by Deeplata Garde
UAE-US Travel: Visit Visas To States Are Delayed By Upto One Year

Are you planning to visit the states? We don’t think you can get through till 2023. The US visit visa delays are observed to span at least one year. Unless you have a medical emergency, you won’t be able to travel between UAE-US this year. The increasing demand in the travel industry has led to this jam-packed situation of not having appointments.

Similar Travel Situations Like COVID

UAE isn’t facing these conditions for the first time. Covid was a struggling phase to travel out of the country. With the pandemic and lockdown waving through, UAE faced such impacted operations by the travel industry. Although, some resources confirmed that an interview exemption is available for those holding US visas that have expired within the past four years.


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The applications to travel to the US during the pandemic are still being processed. Hence the system has collapsed to provide new appointments to give out visas. Due to a significant demand as the tourism industry quickly rebounds from the pandemic, many locals have also postponed their vacation plans to Europe.

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Destinations To Travel Without Schengen Visa

Don’t get disappointed if you can’t get through the US visa. We have certain vacation spots in our kitty that might cheer you up. Bangkok, Phuket and Thailand are the top destinations. Currently, some of the most famous tourist locations are Bangkok and Phuket. Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, is well-known for its tourist attractions and shopping, while Phuket draws intrepid travellers who enjoy water sports.

Obtaining flights to the South Asian nation is getting more and more challenging due to the extremely high demand and the constrained number of flights. Singapore is another fantastic choice for UAE citizens due to its simple visa requirements. You can obtain an e-visa for Singapore if you have a vaccination record.

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