UAE Work Permit: Cost Reduced; Extension Given And All The New Updates

by Deeplata Garde
UAE Work Permit: Cost Reduced; Extension Given And All The New Updates

UAE is a seemingly fun place to reside. The perks expats enjoy here are an endless list. Hence UAE constitutes about 80% of the expatriate population. Talking about the expats there are certain new reforms regarding the Work permits in UAE. Let’s find out what the new updates announced by the Federal National Council are.

UAE Work Permit Changes Announced

Work Permit
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In an effort to reduce the associated costs, the UAE has implemented adjustments to work permits.

The Federal National Council (FNC) has decided to increase the current two-year work visa to three years. To lower the costs involved with obtaining work permits in the nation, the FNC convened this week. A variety of permit fees were also considered.

The UAE was named one of the nations with the hardest workers earlier this month. It ranks third globally, according to research done by Business Name Generator, which utilised measures including the average number of hours worked in each nation.

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Federal National Council Approves The Extension, Cost Reduction & More

Work Permit
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The FNC, the parliamentary body of the UAE, gave its approval to the one-year renewal of work permits during their meeting this week. The change is expected to lower the price of obtaining work permits. Although a timetable for implementation was unavailable, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) of the UAE is responsible for issuing all work permits.

According to a report provided by the FNC Committee on Financial, Economic, and Industrial Affairs, the FNC reviewed a number of opportunities to work permits and fees at the same meeting.

The FNC accepted a proposal to compel employees to stay with a company for at least a year following the probationary term. However, the requirement may be waived if both parties so want. The committee’s study also suggested eliminating work permit payments for people who change occupations.

In the UAE, people work an average of 52.6 hours each week, with 46.5 per cent putting in at least 49 hours. How many people have you seen shifting to UAE for work purposes and then settling there?

The majority of Indian people are based in Dubai and Other Emirates for work.

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