UAE’s First Private Movie Theatre Opens At The Mall Of Emirates

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
UAE’s First Private Movie Theatre Opens At The Mall Of Emirates

Want to watch a film in complete privacy? Dubai now has a private movie theatre you can book just for you and your friends. How cool is that! The Mall of the Emirates has opened a mini private theatre and we simply can’t wait to check it out! Gather your girl pals and head out on a movie marathon in full privacy, this Eid!

What’s It?

VOX cinemas has opened a private screening room at the Mall of Emirates! That’s not all. A fancy lounge is also part of the new private theatre, which can hold 15 people in a go.


And in case you want some hi-quality knick-knacks to accompany your four-hour movie time, Gary Rhodes’ fine dining kitchen is just a around the corner.

Wait, there’s another good news! The theatre has liquor license, so you can grab drinks, bubbly, mocktails and cocktails. One the menu, you can find cheese burgers, fries, grilled delicacies, healthy salad bowls and desserts. There’s waiter service too, so you don’t have to worry about missing out the movie while fetching the munchies.

The package starts at AED 3,000 for 15 people and is inclusive of soft drinks and pop corn. All other foods and drinks come on additional charge.

What Else?

Reel cinemas has a simple, yet awesome way to keep you occupied through the Eid break. All those who haven’t made plans, this one within the city is a steal of a deal. Reel cinemas in Dubai mall is hosting a 24 hour movie marathon and all of you are invited.

Reel cinemas will be open 24 hours on the first two days of Eid- 11 and 12 August. So, decide on what you want to binge watch and book your tickets now. And if that does not excite you, here’s more.

Gather your Potter fan friends and head to Reel cinemas on 23 and 24 August for a Potter-filled weekend. The movie marathin kicks off on 23 and24 August at Dubai Marina Mall and Rove Downtown. Pay up a small fee of AED 110 per day and you can catch the films from 11:00 am. Click here for the complete schedule.