UAE’s Residential Buildings Plan To Go Green With Vertical Farming Project, Agri-Connect

Embracing green living in Dubai. The rise of vertical farming in residential buildings.

by Deeplata Garde
UAE’s Residential Buildings Plan To Go Green With Vertical Farming Project, Agri-Connect

In the heart of the UAE, a green revolution is unfolding as residential buildings in Dubai embark on a transformative journey towards sustainability. Spearheading this movement is the innovative concept of vertical farming, where the realms of smart agriculture and urban architecture converge, promising a greener future for the city. UAE is all set to embrace vertical farming in residential buildings with Agri-Connect.

Origin Of The Green Vision In Dubai With Agri-Connect Takes Root

Vertical Garden
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The genesis of this eco-friendly initiative can be traced back to a group of visionary students at the Canadian University Dubai (CUD) School of Engineering, Applied Science, and Technology. Yasmine Sadek, Moustafa Sherif, Ayman Samsudeen, and graduate Adel Yousefi collectively birthed the Agri-Connect project. This ground-breaking idea envisions residential buildings featuring designated floors for vertical farms seamlessly integrated with spaces allocated for living. The urban architectural design of these buildings not only offers a sustainable living solution but also maximizes sunlight absorption from all angles.

Where Technology Meets Nature

Pic Creds: Canadian University Dubai

At the core of this revolutionary project is Agri-Connect, a technology that harmoniously blends Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and elements of urban architecture, smart agriculture, and smart cities. Satellite imagery, powered by AI, captures plant images as sensors traverse the city. These plants, observable externally on the sides of the building, contribute to the building’s aesthetic appeal while promoting sustainable practices. Beyond the aesthetic allure, Agri-Connect serves a dual purpose. It not only facilitates vertical farming but also empowers residents to monitor the overall well-being of the building. By leveraging indicators such as energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions, residents gain insights into the environmental impact of their living spaces.

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Sustainable Synergy: From Waste to Water

The sustainability loop is completed as the farms within the structure are supplied with irrigation water. Also, this water is sourced from the residential buildings themselves. A dedicated dashboard designed for residents enables them to actively monitor water and electricity consumption. It fosters a sense of responsibility towards resource usage.

In conclusion, Dubai’s foray into vertical farming within residential buildings signifies a paradigm shift towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious urban landscape. With Agri-Connect paving the way, the city is not only embracing green living but also fostering a sense of accountability among its residents for a brighter, greener future.

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