Unexplored Village In Kashmir, Teetwal Is At LoC & Is Separated From Pakistan Just By A River

Indians and Pakistanis can wave at each other from this village that is only separated by a river

by Ankita Mazumdar
Unexplored Village In Kashmir, Teetwal Is At LoC & Is Separated From Pakistan Just By A River

Teetwal Village is a unique spot in the detailed map of the world and the map of geopolitics. This gorgeous and lush green village which is tranquil will make your heart swell with love, for its beauty. This village’s USP is that it is partitioned by a beautiful river flowing between the lands of India and Pakistan. If you are ever interested in exploring an unexplored spot, then Teetwal Village in Kashmir’s LoC is the perfect place for you. 

At Kashmir’s LoC, Teetwal Village Is A Border Town Between India & Pakistan

Teetwal Village is one of the unexplored gems of the Kashmir. The special thing about this village is that it is situated at the border of India and Pakistan but there is no border as such. It is separated by the pretty Kishanganga River, as the Indians call it, thus, it is a border town village. The Pakistanis have named the river as Neelum River. 

The village is located in close proximity to the Line of Control (LoC) with portions of Pakistan-administered Kashmir. Therefore when you call out the people of Pakistan from India, they can hear you and will definitely reply back. At the same time, if Pakistanis are waving toward Indians, both can see and accept the lovely greetings from across the borders. The distance between the banks of the Kishanganga River and to district headquarters is 82 km. 

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This Border Is A Flowing One

It is to be noted that the Kishanganga River is not wide and therefore the distance is very near. There used to be a footbridge called Meetup Point. This bridge was constructed in the year 1931 which means the bridge has witnessed many changes throughout the years. Even the dreadful partition ones in 1947. 

It was used for memorable accounts of reuniting families which unfortunately went through the harsh reality of partition. It was in use until 2018 and now has become a haunting memory. Now a white line was marked and no one is allowed to cross it.

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You cannot just visit this village, you have to have a secured permit from Tanghdar Police Station because this section is operated under a permission-based system. The proximity to LoC is very near and the security is extremely strict to maintain the decorum at the LoC and for no attacks. To visit further, you may even have to secure permission from the Sub-Divisional Magistrate. No easy way into Teetwal Village, as it should be.

Sharda Devi Temple In Teetwal Was Inaugurated This Year

Union Home Minister, Amit Shah had the honour to e-inaugurate Sharda Devi Temple in Teetwal, Kashmir’s LoC. The land was owned by local Muslims which they handed over for the construction of this temple back in 2021. It is a precious thing to note that those Muslims were also invited to the inauguration.

So, will you visit Kashmir’s LoC near the Teetwal Village and witness its beauty along with the flowing river?

Cover Image Credits: Instagram/thebeautyofkarnahvalley

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