Unicorn Island Is A Theme Park That Should Be Added To Your Bucket List

by Tushal Kukreja
by Tushal Kukreja 1392

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Philippines has a floating theme park and it is too colourful to not be on your Instagram Feed.

What Is It?

Inflatable Island, located 80 miles off west of Manila, is Asia’s largest floating Island. The unicorn themed park floats on top of 4,100 square feet of water and consist of slides, towers, bridges, human launchers, swings and a trampoline. Let’s not forget the inflatable outdoor cinema screen which plays movies, for those curling up on the beach with some snacks and entertainment. There’re also floating flamingo and unicorn cabanas, that can hold up to six people.

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What Else?

You can also just laze around in the Bali inspired lounge section and sip on mimosas for hours. This theme park is so huge that it is equivalent to 8 basketball courts put together, hence there is enough space to include a kids section for all the kids to splash around.


To Visit their website, Click here.

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