Unique Dolphins Spotted In Istanbul’s Bosporus Strait!

by Suchismita Pal
Unique Dolphins Spotted In Istanbul’s Bosporus Strait!

The Straight of Istanbul or Bosporus strait is one of the significant waterways in Istanbul in terms of trade and tourism. Situated in the northwestern part of Turkey, it unites the waters of the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. The strait also connects the European and Asian parts of Istanbul. Crossed by three suspension bridges, the sweeping expanse of the Bosporus strait is much acclaimed for its scenic beauty. However, what’s not known much about this waterway is the existence of three gorgeous dolphin species out here. These dolphins usually move from the Sea of Marmara to the Black Sea.

What Are They?

The three unique varieties of dolphins that live in the strait are common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and harbour porpoises. Dolphins can be spotted here almost during all seasons of the year. However, their numbers increase in spring, when a lot of migratory fishes flock into the water channel.  The best months for observing the dolphins at Bosporus are from May to July. One can even opt for a mesmerizing ride up to the Black Sea on a Bosporus cruise. In such cases, the chances of viewing the dolphins get higher.

Bosporus Strait of Istanbul
Picture Credits: Twitter (for rep)

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What Else?

The dolphins often face survival challenges due to the excessive load of marine traffic along the strait. The movement across the tunnel that runs beneath the strait, the noise of speedboats, the oil tankers and more create difficulties for them, as they tend to shy away from noises. However, the expanse had been cleaned up in recent years and therefore, the creatures keep coming back. Also, these dolphins are safeguarded by the law of Turkey.

Bosporus Strait of Istanbul
Picture Credits: Al Bawaba

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Istanbul has a marvellous cityscape with a wide array of magnificent palaces, bridges and mosques. If you plan a visit to the historical city, visit all the iconic destinations for sure, and also keep a day for spending some time with these adorable dolphins.