Unveil Ancient Flavours And Try Making These 5 Forgotten Indian Dishes At Home; Recipe Inside

by Shreya Shriyan
Unveil Ancient Flavours And Try Making These 5 Forgotten Indian Dishes At Home; Recipe Inside

In a world dominated by fusion and modern gastronomy, it’s time to take a step back and rediscover these 5 forgotten Indian dishes of the past. Delve into the depths of history as we uncover ancient flavours that have stood the test of time, waiting to be savoured once again.

Here are 5 Forgotten Indian Dishes You Can DIY

1. Khorika

Before it got lost in the sea of modern cuisines, Khorika was a dish popular in India’s northeastern state of Assam. While presently there are modern renditions of this dish available, it was traditionally cooked over an open flame with a marinated blend of locally sourced herbs and spices.

It follows the process of slow cooking and grilling either chicken, fish or pork over a charcoal fire until it is soft on the inside but also has a smoky flavour on the outside. Once enjoyed by the tribes of the Northeast as a communal meal, today, one would have to go to great lengths to find authentic Khorika in restaurants or at street food stalls.

2. Kuzhi Paniyaram

When it comes to South Indian cuisine, there are countless delectable dishes that have gained popularity worldwide. Among these treasures is a lesser-known but equally delightful treat called Kuzhi Paniyaram. Originating from the state of Tamil Nadu, this small, round, and fluffy dumpling-like snack is a perfect blend of flavors and textures. Traditionally, it was prepared to utilize leftover fermented idli or dosa batter, transforming it into a distinctively different dish.

Some popular variations include adding chopped onions, grated coconut, or finely chopped vegetables to the batter, creating a savoury twist. On the other hand, sweet versions can be made by incorporating jaggery or bananas into the batter. Try out this easy recipe yourself!

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3. Rasaawar

Number three on our list of forgotten dishes is Rasaawar. While in today’s time, you couldn’t imagine rice and sugarcane going together, Rasaawar is a dish that uses both ingredients to hit just that sweet spot. The dish uses sugarcane and rice together and can originally be found in Lucknow. The dish is a type of kheer made using both ingredients in perfect combination. Here’s how you can make our own version of it.

4. Khira Gaintha/ Kheer Puli

A dish traditionally enjoyed by the people of Odisha, Khira Gaintha is a sweet dish that deserves a well-deserved come back into the culinary world. The dish is an amalgamation of two words, “Khira” meaning milk, and “Gaintha” which stands for small balls. The process involves making rice balls and simmering them in milk until cooked. Here’s a video to help guide you to make this delicacy.

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5. Akuri

While you may or may not have had several variations of eggs, this is one way of cooking eggs you MUST try!  Akuri is a dish that was brought to Gujarat by the Parsi community. The dish uses ingredients such as potatoes, ginger, and some spices. If you like eggs and want to up your Sunday breakfast game, here’s how you can do it.

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