Uorfi Javed Denied Entry To A Restaurant In Mumbai,Says Treating Her Differently Is Not OK 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Uorfi Javed Denied Entry To A Restaurant In Mumbai,Says Treating Her Differently Is Not OK 

Uorfi Javed has always been the talk of the town because of her unique fashion sense and bold attitude. Something similar took place on Wednesday when Uorfi visited a restaurant in Mumbai. She claimed that she was denied entry into the restaurant because of her fashion choices. Uorfi shared the incident on her Instagram story and also tagged Zomato. Keep reading!

Uorfi Javed Denied Entry To A Mumbai Restaurant

A video is going viral on the Internet, posted by @viralbhayani. The video features celebrity Uorfi Javed getting out of her car to visit a restaurant in Mumbai. But as she enters the restaurant, an argument between the manager and Uorfi takes place. The manager can be seen repeatedly telling Uorfi about the non-availability of a seat in the restaurant. 

Uorfi loses her calm and is seen claiming that she is denied entry to the restaurant because of her clothes and not her non-availability. He repeatedly mentions that the non-availability of the seats was because of the currently running Zomato Gold Carnival. The video has been doing the rounds on social media and was also shared by Uorfi on her story. 

uorfi javed
credits: @uorfijaved/Instagram

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Kareena Praises Uorfi’s Confidence

Uorfi Javed shared her disappointment with this incident on her Instagram story. She mentioned that she was denied entry at the restaurant over her fashion choices. In the next line, she said that it is not okay for people to treat her differently just because her fashion choices are quirky. 

She said that if people do not agree with her fashion choices, they must admit it instead of making lame excuses. Uorfi found it lame that the manager gave out the excuse of the non-availability of seats. 

Recently, Uorfi was blown away as Kareena Kapoor Khan complimented her on her gutsy attitude and the confidence to pull out every quirky outfit. 

uorfi javed

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What are your views on this? Have you ever faced such an experience before?

Cover Image Courtesy: @uorfijaved/Instagram