Uorfi Javed Says She Is Not A Street Food Fan But Loves Pani Puri

Uorfi Javed loves to eat Mumbai's ragda pani puri and not boondi ones.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Uorfi Javed Says She Is Not A Street Food Fan But Loves Pani Puri

Uorfi Javed, a fashion icon, graced us with her presence and her unique fashion sense for this episode of Tere Gully Mein with our anchor, Arohi Thatte. The girl who prefers to eat mutton every single day told us that she never really likes to have street food at all. But when we reached our spot for pani puri, she told us that she loves to eat them! And went on to relish a couple of them, watch the video to learn more.

Uorfi Javed Loves To Gorge On Pani Puri

We were on the way to have some potato twisters and Uorfi Javed told us that she never really had it. So we went on to ask if likes to she eat junk food. Regarding junk food and street food, she informed us that while she enjoys it, she doesn’t eat it frequently. She informed us that her favorite food to eat at home is whatever she can prepare. Therefore, she prefers to have home-cooked food rather than street food.

We were at Trendy Taste in Vile Parle West for some ragda pani puri. Turns out Uorfi Javed does enjoy pani puri out of all the street food. So we were happy to share a couple of pani puris with her. She even went on to praise Mumbai’s pani puri by stating that she always prefers to have ragda wala and not boondi. She said that vendors who use boondi do not really do much work for their pani puri. Who all agree with Uorfi here?

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On The Other Hand, She Has A Major Sweet Tooth!

Uorfi Javed
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Well Uorfi, you’re getting calories one way or another! She informed us that she doesn’t enjoy street food or junk food much, whether it is health-wise or in general, we aren’t aware of it. But she also has a massive sweet tooth and blames her childhood home for this. She told us that more than three kilogrammes of sweets would come to her house daily! Everyone in her household would finish it and again the same pattern would continue the next day.

For our next stop, we arrived at Namkeen and Gaurav Sweets. Uorfi Javed shared that she absolutely adores sweets to the point that she is addicted to them. Looks like it got ingrained in her taste buds to have a liking for desserts. She quickly went on to order from a wide selection at Namkeen and Gaurav Sweets. It was Ras Malai and Motichoor Laddu which both of them relished in quick bites.

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Comment down below if you prefer ragda wala or boondi wala pani puri.

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