US Will Start Restamping Visas For H-1B Visa & L1 Visa Holders

by Shreya Ghosh
US Will Start Restamping Visas For H-1B Visa &  L1 Visa Holders

The United States took the decision to restart the process of “domestic visa revalidation” for selected visa holders. No exact date for restarting the process has been announced yet but it will be starting later this year only. This initiative will be taken on a pilot basis for selected visa holders. Who can avail of this pilot program? To know all about this project of restamping visas, read on till the end!

All You Need To Know About The Restamping Visas Initiative

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This move will be implemented on a pilot basis for all the foreign tech professionals staying with an H-1B and L1 visa. This decision is going to be super beneficial and helpful for a huge number of Indian tech workers staying in the United States. Once the restamping of visas in the United States begins, these people will not need to travel somewhere else for restamping their visas once the expiration date gets over. All they need to do is visit a US consulate and complete the steps to renew their visas. The process of domestic visa revalidation is surely going to be a huge help!

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One very important point to remember here is that this initiative will not be implemented for all the laid-off professionals with H-1B visas in the United States. If these laid-off people fail to start working and find a new source of employment within 60 days, they will be bound to get out of the United States. This rule applies also if they cannot apply for a transfer to any other visa.

What Is The Present Rule?

The rules for restamping a visa are quite different now than this decision. There are no such initiatives to restamp a visa in the United States after the expiration date gets over. The general process is that all these visa holders need to visit their country of origin and follow the steps. They get the extension marked on their passport only after travelling to their home country. The present rule of restamping every visa began long back in 2004.

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Once this initiative starts working, this will be a huge help for so many eligible Indians staying in the United States.

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