User Shares Lounge Spread On Holi At Bengaluru Airport’s Terminal 2, Tells Indian Airports’ Grandeur Is Next Level

For Holi, the T2 lounge area served a variety of sweets

by Tejashee Kashyap
User Shares Lounge Spread On Holi At Bengaluru Airport’s Terminal 2, Tells Indian Airports’ Grandeur Is Next Level

Bengaluru Airport’s Terminal 2 is like none other in India. With massive bronze statues adorned with enormous golden bells dangling from the ceiling and hanging gardens cascading down from the terminal roof, the terminal is one of a kind. For Holi, the T2 lounge area also served a variety of sweets that left the taste buds tingling of many passengers.

T2 Serves A Variety Of Sweets For Holi

Holi, known as the festival of colours, is a celebration of love, unity, and the triumph of good over evil. It is a time when communities come together to revel in the beauty of life and exchange sweets and greetings. At the Terminal 2 Lounge, this festive spirit was embraced wholeheartedly, with an array of desserts. The dessert section was a feast for the senses, promising a journey of culinary delight unlike any other.

At the heart of the festivities are the iconic Indian sweets. Plates of laddus, mishti goja, and halwa, add a touch of luxury to the travellers during festive times. Here, travellers can savour these delectable delights in all their glory, each bite a burst of sweetness and nostalgia. Accompanying these divine desserts are a plethora of accompaniments, each designed to elevate the experience to new heights.

All things considered, T2 at BLR is ready to become the standard for airports not just in India but worldwide. Bengaluru’s latest T2 elevates it.

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Bengaluru’s Terminal 2 Looks Marvellous

Surrounding the new terminal are 10,000 square meters of verdant walls and well-placed artwork that draws inspiration from the rich cultural legacy of Karnataka as well as the nine emotions, or nava-rasa, found in Bharata’s Natayshastra. The copper sculpture by Krishnaraj Chonat at the boarding piers and the wood puppets by Dhaatu and Anupama Hosker dangling from the ceiling next to the boarding gates are two of the most remarkable art pieces.

Bengaluru’s T2 has three access gates, each with three entry points. In keeping with Bengaluru’s reputation, the airport has installed six e-gates at each entry gate. Here, passengers can get flight information on a tablet by just scanning their boarding card barcode, which security personnel may then compare to their ID card. You enter what BIAL calls the Orientation Garden as soon as you finish check-in and head for the security area. This pathway, flanked by verdant walls, is designed to get you ready for security.

Cover image credits: X/Swathi Bellam