Vadapav Vs Sevpuri, Who Wins The Battle?


Under 140 Characters

Curly Tales headed out in Mumbai to find out what Mumbai’s public prefer – Vadapav or Sevpuri?

What Is It?

We started off in the afternoon asking people to choose between Vada Pav & Sev Puri. Our targets were the pedestrians around the residential area and busy spots of the city. My question to them was “Given a choice what would you choose, Sev Puri or Vada Pav” Some answered enthusiastically while some were least bothered. I met people who laughed and answered the question and I also met people who denied answering or even listening to what I had to say ( people can be rude sometimes) But that didn’t stop me. I was with my friend who was helping me shoot. We were constantly hunting for people to shoot them with the question ” Sev Puri or Vada Pav” We walked around for 2 hours after I parked by bike & took halts in between since the sun was really hot even on a wintery day. The whole shoot took around 4 hours but it was super fun, met so many new people got to know about their perceptions regarding street foods.

Kritika Kukreja
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