Vendor Makes ‘Daulat Ki Chaat Omelette;’ Netizens Say ‘Heart Attack Laughing In Corner”

by Tooba Shaikh
Vendor Makes ‘Daulat Ki Chaat Omelette;’ Netizens Say ‘Heart Attack Laughing In Corner”

Eggs are one of the most diverse food items in the world. There is no end to the variation you can do to an omelette. As it turns out, not many people are equipped to handle its versatility as they end up creating dishes that the world would be better off without. Take this viral video of Daulat Ki Chaat Omelette, for instance. The vendor didn’t have to waste two eggs to create this monstrosity. But he did. What’s worse is the knowledge that someone actually ended up eating it! And that too after paying money for it!

A Vendor Makes Daulat Ki Chaat Omelette In A Viral Video


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Recently, someone shared a video of a vendor making another bizarre omelette. The video was shared by digital creator Rishabh Narang. In the video, the vendor is seen making a fluffy omelette with lots of masala, butter and chopped veggies.

He first beats the egg whites till they’re fluffy. Then he pours the fluff into a pan and tops it with the yolks. He then adds a variety of spices and veggies and, of course, cheese slices. He then folds the omelette, garnishes it and then serves it.

This is called Daulat Ki Chaat Omelette. Many people were quite angry at him as it was not the first time he made such a bizarre bastardisation of an omelette. Some time ago, another video of him making a momo omelette.

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Netizens Are Most Definitely Not Impressed By This

Daulat ki chaat omelette
Image Credits: @food.ieboss/Instagram

Many people took to the comment section to express their disgust and anger at the vendor. One person said that as a medico, they could see that their future was bright if people were eating such unhealthy food. Another commenter highlighted how the omelette looked more like soap suds.

Another commenter said that they were very proud of the fact that they, for one, had not eaten such a bizarre thing in their life.

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Would you try this omelette if you had the opportunity to? Let us know in the comments section below!

Cover Image Credits: @food.ieboss/Instagram

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