Video: Man Cooks Chicken With Firecracker; Netizens Comment, “Common Sense Left The Chat”

The online community is not at all happy seeing the video of cooking chicken leg pieces with an ignited firecracker.

by Shreya Ghosh
Video: Man Cooks Chicken With Firecracker; Netizens Comment, “Common Sense Left The Chat”

In a world where a section of people tries to save food and provide as much as possible to the needy, the other section has fun by wasting food. No, this is not only about extravagant events or throwing away extra food after each meal. This is also about vast numbers of videos on social media where creators waste food to make different content for the viewers. This time, a man tried cooking chicken and firecracker together. What was the purpose of attempting this activity? Well, we are still finding its answer.

Man Attempted To Cook Chicken & Firecracker On A Kadhai

Sheikh Waseem (@sheikhwaseem7_) shared an Instagram reel of trying to cook chicken legs and a firecracker and called it a “leg piece and firecracker hack.”


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A post shared by Sheikh Waseem (@sheikhwaseem7_)

First, the content creator watched a video where a cook cooked chicken with a firecracker and the result looked quite perfect. Taking inspiration from this video, he too started testing the same process. In this video, it can be seen that the man took a kadhai, placed two chicken leg pieces, and put a firecracker between the meat.

Then he took a lighter, ignited the cracker, placed a tray on top of the kadhai quickly, and ran away to a safe distance. In just a few minutes, it burst massively with the tray and kadhai flown away and smoke erupting. Of course, the chicken pieces got scattered all around.

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Netizens Are Not At All Pleased With This Instagram Cooking Hack

Man Cooks Chicken Firecracker
Picture credit- Instagram/ Sheikh Waseem (@sheikhwaseem7_)

Social media users are not entertaining this idea of the man attempting to cook chicken with a firecracker. They disapprove of the concept of this Instagram reel and react to it. Unfollowing the creator, an Instagrammer commented, “Another content creator casually wasting food for views.” Another comment under the reel read, “Pov: Common sense left the chat.” Someone called the idea illogical and wrote, “Isme koi logic nhi h.” A Netizen commented, “Bhai ye video kya banaya hai, please don’t try to make these videos.”

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What is your reaction to this reel of the creator attempting to cook chicken and firecracker together?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Sheikh Waseem (@sheikhwaseem7_)

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