Aussie Mum Bakes ‘Sleepy Teddies’ & Netizens Feel They Are Too Cute To Eat!

I am craving these delectable sleepy teddies!

by Shreya Ghosh
Aussie Mum Bakes ‘Sleepy Teddies’ & Netizens Feel They Are Too Cute To Eat!

Feeling too full to eat another bite; we all have been at this situation not once or twice but several times. The funniest part is we eventually end up relishing sweets despite being stuffed with yummy food. Whoever first said “We always have room for desserts” is right by all means. A recent viral video of a woman baking lovely Sleepy Teddies has won my heart. Are we supposed to eat a teddy? What is this sweet all about? Let’s find out!

Aussie Mum Shared Video Of Baking Lovable Sleepy Teddies

Annie | Home Cook Recipes | Aussie Mum (@anniesfamilyeats) shared the cutest reels of baking these treats and added its recipe as well.

From mouth-watering taste to impressive presentation to a plethora of options, it’s hard to say no to baked delights and sweets. And I am sure you will crave these sleepy teddies once you watch these reels. Annie baked the cutest pastries most elegantly, loaded each piece with chocolate, and brushed with butter. Too foodilicious, right?

She cut puff pastry sheets, placed all the goodness on them, and formed rectangular pockets. Once the treats were baked golden brown, she took the baking tray out of the oven.

If you wish to bake these lovely chocolate-filled pastries at home, Annie has shared its recipe. From ingredients to methods, know all about these by tapping on this reel.

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Netizens Are Adoring The Cutest Baked Chocolate-Filled Pastries

Sleepy Teddies
Picture credit- Instagram/ Annie | Home Cook Recipes | Aussie Mum (@anniesfamilyeats)

I cannot take my eyes off the delightful sweet treats. These look too appetising to resist but too adorable to eat at the same time. Such a happy dilemma, right? Seeing positive responses pouring in the comment section of these reels, it is evident that Instagrammers are in love with the beautiful presentation of sleepy teddies.

A Netizen commented “These are so cute!! I can’t wait to make them for my grandkids.” Another comment read, “I love these little sweeties.” Someone got inspired to bake these pastries for an event and wrote “Can’t wait to do this for my baby shower.” If you are thinking about baking sleepy teddies but unsure if these will taste good, an Instagrammer commented how these delights tasted. She commented, “Actually I have made these with my grandson and that’s exactly how they turned out! He LOVED them!”

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I am excited to try baking these sweet treats at home. Will you give this recipe a try?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Annie | Home Cook Recipes | Aussie Mum (@anniesfamilyeats)

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