Video: Swarms Of Locusts Spotted In UAE

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Video: Swarms Of Locusts Spotted In UAE

Swarms of locusts were spotted in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Officials said these could be attributed to the strong winds and unstable weather in the country. The National Centre of Meteorology said locusts move with the winds. Though they can’t predict where the swarm would head next.

“You can expect winds to move from southeasterly to northeasterly. So it will be central parts like Dubai, Al Ain and further to Fujairah. It is due to the movement of the wind (that) you see them (locust) in these areas,” the official said.

Locusts were spotted in many areas in Dubai including the Marina, Barsha and Palm Jumeirah, following a bout of rain and high winds.

Earlier this year, the UAE authorities said they are fully prepared to combat any locust infestation. However, because UAE is a desert, it is difficult to reach all of them. Locusts are more common in Oman, which experiences annual infestations.