Vidya Balan Often Visits This Sai Baba Temple In Chembur

by Ankita Mazumdar
Vidya Balan Often Visits This Sai Baba Temple In Chembur

On this fun-filled episode of Sunday Brunch, Vidya Balan met with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. We were very impressed to meet Vidya not just in the halls of cinema theatres but on the big screens as well. Neeyat was released on the big screens after the pandemic lockdown. We gorged on yummy pizzas, sushi, caramel popcorn and more. Watch the whole video to have more insights into her life.

Vidya Balan Visits Sai Baba Temple In Chembur

Vidya Balan told us that there was a time when she was getting back-to-back rejections for film roles. After a while, it started to bother her and the anger started seeping out because “any rejection is tough to take”. She said that she was being punished for something that was not even her fault.

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Vidya diligently visited the Sai Baba Temple in Chembur and prayed for a better outcome from this period of rejection. During this difficult time, even her family helped her a lot and we are glad she came out of this stage with flying colours.

This Is What Makes Her Happy And It Made Our Hearts Melt

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Vidya Balan has this charming and bubbly personality that lights up any room whenever she steps in. We were curious to know what makes her happy daily and her answer was very wholesome. She said that randomly seeing people around her happy, makes her happy.

Vidya went on to say that when people are genuinely happy, they happen to crack a very precious smile. She also narrated a simple incident where a person who allotted parking tickets smiled at her. Even this simple gesture touched her and made her happy. So, just smile a little more because you never know you might end up making someone’s day!

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This reply just made us all go – awww! She added that good food, watching a great film with her loved ones, and getting to have a good and fun-filled day at work also make her happy.

Did you know Kamiya Jani and Vidya Balan both are from Chembur? They even have common go-to places and street foods in Chembur. Comment down below if you have been to some of Chembur’s food suggestions given by Vidya Balan.

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