Vietnam Fire: At Least 50 People Injured & 12 Dead After Hanoi Apartment Went Up In Flames

by Tooba Shaikh
Vietnam Fire: At Least 50 People Injured & 12 Dead After Hanoi Apartment Went Up In Flames

On September 12, a deadly fire blazed an apartment building in Hanoi city of Vietnam. The deadly Vietnam fire claimed the lives of many and left even more injured. Rescue operations are currently underway and many have been admitted to hospitals. Authorities are very concerned about the grave situation. The fire is said to have started just close to midnight. Here are all the details that are available about this tragic incident so far.

Vietnam Fire: 50 Injured And 12 Dead In Hanoi

This particular incident has left many in shock. The apartment building which caught fire consisted of 10 floors. According to an article recently published in the Hindustan Times, the fire started from the parking floor. It was packed with motorbikes.

According to a witness cited in the article, the building was an incredibly enclosed space with no way for victims to escape. Hence, rescuing proved to be a challenge. Though the fire has been put out by rescuers, the building is still being searched for survivors.

The exact number is not known yet but it is said that at least 50 people have been injured in the fire and around 12 people are dead. The building was located in the Thanh Xuan district of Hanoi.

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Other Similar Incidents In The Country

This is not the first time that a fire has scorched a location in Vietnam. It frequently witnesses fire at venues like Karaoke bars, as per the HT article. For instance, in 2022, a karaoke bar caught fire and ended up claiming the lives of around 32 people.

This karaoke bar was located in Ho Chi Minh City. Apart from this, 12 additional people were left injured because of the fire.

Many people have taken to social media and are posting pictures of the fire in Hanoi. The rescue operations are still underway and the rescuers are still looking for survivors in the building. We hope that the injured recover speedily.

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