Vijay Varma, A Rajasthani Brought Up In Hyderabad, Relishes Dal Bati Churma With Curry Leaves

by Mallika Khurana
Vijay Varma, A Rajasthani Brought Up In Hyderabad, Relishes Dal Bati Churma With Curry Leaves

Talent is the most powerful tool when it comes to success. Only talent can make one person endure and win the audience’s adoration, especially in Bollywood. Vijay Varma recently pave the way to success for himself. Particularly after his outstanding performance in the film Darlings, he has gained immense popularity and appreciation. He appeared with Sonakshi Sinha, his Dahaad co-star, on this special Sunday Brunch edition, as well as our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani. Watch the thrilling episode right away!

Vijay Varma Shared About Indulging In Fusion Food As A Kid

Although Vijay Varma was raised in Hyderabad, he is originally from Rajasthan. These states represent polar opposites when it comes to cuisine. We were so naturally interested in learning what he consumed for food as a child. We immediately drooled when he revealed that he indulged in hybrid cuisine. He shared that the food he consumes at home is a blend of both cultures, with Andhra spices coming together with those from Rajasthan. Undoubtedly, the combination sounds fantastic.

Much like his parents’ marriage, this food blended together quite well and presented dishes like dal and rice, where the dal had a little sour taste from Andhra. This twist was even added to traditional Rajasthani dal bati, where the dal had curry leaves in it. It might sound weird to natives from Rajasthan, but for us foodies, it totally works!

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This Is How Much The Stars Earned From Their First Jobs

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After this conversation about yummy food, it was time to begin the Sunday brunch and dig into some deliciousness. While we indulged in some great food, we asked Sonakshi Sinha and Vijay Varma about their first-ever jobs and paychecks. While Sonakshi’s first gig was at Lakme Fashion Week where she worked as an usher for 7 days and got paid 3000 bucks for it.

On the other hand, Vijay shared that worked at a petrol pump for a month in Hyderabad. He also added that he got 2000 bucks per week for that job. Well, for him this wasn’t the only gig before his big break in Bollywood and he shared all about it.

To know about his amazing journey to massive success, head to the episode and watch it right away!

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