Vijay Varma Believes This City Serves The Best Food In India

by Mallika Khurana
Vijay Varma Believes This City Serves The Best Food In India

Our esteemed guests always make our Sunday Brunch episodes very special. Especially when we have two stars joining us, the excitement goes off the charts. While Sonakshi Sinha, Bollywood’s Lady Singham, has been with us before, it would be the first time for the talented Vijay Varma. After portraying his impeccable acting skills in blockbuster movies, he joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, and his recent co-star, Sonakshi Sinha, on this Sunday Brunch episode. Watch the full video to learn all about the excitement that went down!

Vijay Varma Finds The Best Food In This State

First things first —Is Vijay Varma a foodie? As soon as we used him, he countered by saying that he was moody instead. He has his data, and he loves to gorge on fantastic food. On other days, he can’t eat much. He also added that he doesn’t follow a diet and is fond of ghee, sugar, etc. It made us wonder if he is one of those fortunate folks who never put on weight no matter what they eat. However, Vijay clarified that he doesn’t gain inches when he indulges too much in food.

As a Rajasthani brought up in Hyderabad, he shared how he feels about the food he ate as a kid. At home, it was mostly a fusion of cultures at home. He also shared that Hyderabad is an amazing place for foodies. With people of many cultures residing in the state, the cuisine is very special.

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Here Are His Food Recommendations In Hyderabad

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Hyderabad is renowned for both its royal past and outstanding cuisine. It is a mingling of cultures, and the flavours of Mughlai, Turkish, and Persian cuisine can be tasted in its food. Thanks to its delectable kebabs, curries, and sweets as well as its alluring biryanis, Hyderabad is a food lover’s paradise. In his early years, Vijay Varma developed a love for Hyderabadi cuisine. He remembers that the renowned Hyderabadi biryani is a must-have. Another one of his favourites is the fruit cakes and Osmania biscuits from Karachi Bakery. Foodies, it’s time to make notes!

To learn all about the fun that followed, check out the full episode right away!

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