Viral Video: Men Dance & Sing On “Kaanta Laga” Song In A Mumbai Local Train

by Shreya Ghosh
Viral Video: Men Dance & Sing On “Kaanta Laga” Song In A Mumbai Local Train

What do you think at first when you hear about Mumbai locals? Most of the time, all we can think of is the massive crowd, noise, chaos, arguments, and more such things. Well, these are surely some experiences of travelling on a Mumbai local train but the situation is not exactly the same at all times. A video of a group of men having a great time on a train is making rounds on the Internet and it shows a beautiful side.

Some Middle-Aged Men Enjoyed A Merry Time On A Mumbai Local Train

Instagram user kalpesh rane (@1998_roadrunner) shared a video of some passengers singing the famous Bollywood song “kaanta laga” and also dancing a few steps too.


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This video of the Mumbai local passengers having such a great time and living their lives to the fullest is going viral on social media. This is surely something that Mumbaikars do not usually expect to see while commuting daily. Amidst all the chaos inside overcrowded local trains, visuals like these are nothing less than a breath of fresh air. Videos like these beautifully show the power of bonding and entertaining each other and having a splendid time.

Netizens Are In Love With This Viral Video. They Are In Praise Of All These Passengers

Mumbai local
Picture credit- kalpesh rane Instagram @1998_roadrunner

Shared back in June, the video has garnered millions of views, more than 1.1 million likes, tons of comments, and immense love from Instagram users. Be it praising the men who are singing and dancing or appreciating the man who is beating beats on the Mumbai local train; the comment section shows how everyone is so impressed with this viral video. Instagrammers are commenting on how this simple video and its spirit are lighting up everyone’s mood.

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The power of music is truly inspirational and brings people from all around to one place. Netizens are pointing out how all these daily commuters have to take a long journey in crowded trains every day but they somehow still manage to make the most of it and enjoy some time with such enthusiasm.

Have you seen something like this on a Mumbai local train before?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ kalpesh rane (@1998_roadrunner)