Viral Video Shows Group Relishing Chicken Biryani In Tamil Nadu Temple, Internet Is Divided

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by Vaishalee Kalvankar

Temples are the most sacred places in India. It is believed that one should not enter the temple after consuming any food that falls under the non-vegetarian category. All of you must be aware of the social sensitivity all the temples hold, especially in the southern region of India. In a very shocking video, a group of people were relishing chicken biryani happily sitting inside a temple in Tamil Nadu. Here is how netizens reacted!

Group Eating Chicken Biryani in Tamil Nadu Temple

A video from a temple in Tamil Nadu has gone viral on the internet for the wrong reasons. In the video shared on Twitter, a group of people were sitting in the courtyard in front of the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. They could be heard talking in Tamil language. 

They were eating something from a food packet. All the people who have posted this video claim that they are relishing chicken biryani. This was claimed after people in the video could be seen removing small bone like pieces from the food and keeping them aside. 

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Twitteratis Commented On The Video

The video has by far garnered over 90.3K views. Netizens have shared their views on the video in the comments section.

Some netizens defended this video while some did not. This left the internet divided into two.  Some claimed that many temples in the southern region do this. The ones who defended it also mentioned that many temples in Tamil Nadu have a tradition of offering non-vegetarian food to the deity. 


Some shared stories of how a devotee named Kannapa, according to Hindu mythology, offered non-vegetarian food to Lord Shiva out of love. Another mentioned that temples in Nepal have a tradition of eating meat at every festival. 

The other side of the internet saw people calling it a wrong act as it hurt the sentiments of the people. 

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What are your views on this?

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