Virat Kohli: I Eat To 90% Of My Stomach’s Capacity And Avoid Dairy

by Shreya Ghosh
Virat Kohli: I Eat To 90% Of My Stomach’s Capacity And Avoid Dairy

When it comes to fitness and a healthy lifestyle in sports, one sportsperson that always comes to our mind is Virat Kohli. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest to play cricket and a major credit for the influence of fitness and physical health on young sportspersons goes to him. The former cricketer MS Dhoni started this fitness revolution in the team and Kohli set the bar high with his regimes and took it to next level.

Virat Kohli Is Very Dedicated About His Athleticism

Virat is one of the fittest sportspersons right now and surely the fittest Indian cricketer. He inspires millions every day on the importance and value of a healthy lifestyle. In many interviews, we saw the legendary cricketer talking about how focused he is on his fitness. He religiously follows the instructions of his coaches, eats healthy, and sweats it out at the gym. Today marks the 14 years of Kohli’s journey in ODI cricket and he still runs like a cheetah and flies like a bird while fielding. And his dedication to following strict diet plans and workout regimes helps him to stay so fit.

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What Are His Diet Secrets?

We all know how some celebrities follow crazy diet plans and most of these seem very unusual to us. Well, the scenario is quite different for Kohli. In a recent interview with The Indian Express, he discussed his diet and what are his dos and dont’s. Processed sugar and gluten are complete no-nos in the Indian cricketer’s diet. In fact, he tries to avoid dairy products as much as possible. Virat shared a trick too that helped him in his revolutionary fitness journey. He eats about 90% of his stomach’s capacity and this trick helps to keep his health in check.

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When Virat joined the Indian cricket team, he looked like a different person. His transition from a chubby player to a chiselled legendary cricketer has been phenomenal. During his young years, he did not really focus on his food intake and fitness. And now these are some of his topmost priorities. He is very disciplined about what he consumes every day. We all know how big a foodie Kohli is and these healthy diets make it quite difficult at times. But the positive results and good changes in his body make all the hard work worth it.


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