Visit The Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary Near Hampi That Is Home To Indian Sloth Bears

by Yashasvi Shaktawat 1553

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Daroji Bear Sanctuary near Hampi is home to around 120 Sloth Bears, locally known as the Karadi.

What Is It?

Daroji Bear Sanctuary is located near the ancient town of Karnataka, Hampi. The sanctuary is the adobe to Indian Sloth Bears that is spread over 5,589 hectares of Bilikallu reserve forest. The government of Karnataka has declared this land as Daroji Bear Sanctuary in the year 1994.

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What’s In It?

Sloth Bears inhabit the open scrub forests and seek shelter in caves and the forests. They’re more on the herbivore side that live on fruits, tubers, honey and insects.

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The sanctuary is home to around 120 sloth bears while you can also witness other species of animals like Tiger, Leopard, Spotted Deer, Mongoose, Pangolins and more. There are about 90 species of birds and 27 species of butterflies found here.


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