Visit The Food Truck Market In Gurugram For A Food Truck Hopping Adventure

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Visit The Food Truck Market In Gurugram For A Food Truck Hopping Adventure

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Lined up in Leisure Valley’s parking lot, we can’t stop drooling about Sector 29’s Food Truck Market in Gurugram.

What Is It?

This Food Truck Market is the next hot destination in Gurugram and we’re all drooling with its plethora of food options. Located in Leisure Valley’s parking lot, they’re lined up parallel to each other with some grooving music to set the mood.

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Treat your taste buds to some delicious flavours and go on a food truck hopping adventure. Here are our top favourites:

1. Non-Veg Tacos, Flaming-Go

Dig into the crunchiness of these tacos served with two kinds of dips. It comes with a filling of melted cheese and chicken chunks. At Flaming-Go, you can explore options from the Mexican cuisine at affordable prices that are so yummy.

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Where: Flaming-Go
Cost: ₹250

2. Nutella Brownie Waffle, Waffle Chowk

The soft and crispy waffles are topped with brownie chunks and a scoop of ice cream, drizzled with Nutella and vanilla sauce. The Waffle Chowk has some grooving music playing in the background too making this one hard to miss by.

Where: Waffle Chowk
Cost: ₹215

3. Chicken Sausage Pizza, Wood Fired

If you love thin crust pizzas and wood-fired, then head out to this food truck that is offering great options. Try their Chicken Sausage Pizza that comes with melting cheese with chicken sausages on a thin crust, wood-fired that is worth feasting on.

Where: Wood-Fired
Cost: ₹350

4. Chocolate Oreo Shake, Shakes Yo Booty

This chocolate shake is first love for all chocolate lovers who love devouring on milkshakes and brownies. Mixed with brownie chunks and a drizzle of chocolate sauce, this sinful shake is irresistible.

Where: Shakes Yo Booty
Cost: ₹140

5. Pav Bhaji Fondue, Hungry Birds

A notch up from your usual pav bhaji, it comes with 4 different types of cheese to feast on. A mix of spicy topped with chopped onions and mixed with hot gravy of bhaji, it is absolutely delish. A candle is placed below to keep the bhaji warm and melting.

Where: Hungry Birds
Cost: ₹400

6. Rum & Raisins Ice Cream, Tongue Twisters

End your food adventure here with this perfect choice for dessert. You can try Rum & Raisins ice cream with a double scoop of Strawberry ice cream to make it savoury topped with sprinklers and gems.

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Where: Tongue Twisters
Cost: ₹150

Apart from being in a food haven, you can also take part in activities like Balloon Shooting (₹100) or take up a camel ride, perfect for your little ones to end the day with.


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