Vistara Flight Makes Emergency Landing At Lucknow As They Run Out Of Fuel

The Vistara flight that was running between Mumbai and Delhi made an emergency landing in Lucknow after the flight ran out of fuel. The pilot took an emergency call and declared ‘mayday fuel’ which means, there is a fuel emergency situation on the plane.

The weather conditions were bad over Delhi and hence they ran out fuel. According to NDTV reports, the Vistara flight would have only managed to stay 10 more minutes in the air. The aircraft was left with a mere 300kl fuel when they landed in Lucknow. The pilot on board who declared a ‘fuel mayday’ situation on Sunday was grounded by the regulatory body, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

Image Credits: Aviation Scoop

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There were 153 passengers on board on the Mumbai – Delhi Vistara flight. The weather conditions were so bad that they had to look for the nearest diversions to get fuel. The flight crew also considered landing in Kanpur and Prayaraj for fuel. There was no clear visibility and this sudden weather condition made them take an emergency landing.

Safe landing in Delhi was not the option with just 300kl fuel on-board. In their statement, the Vistara airline said, “En route Prayagraj, Lucknow ATC informed the crew that the weather in Lucknow had improved significantly following which the crew decided to return to Lucknow due to better passenger and aircraft support,”

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On their twitter post, Vistara airline failed to mention that the diversion to Lucknow was because they ran out of fuel. They have mentioned there being ‘air traffic’ and  ‘congestion’ without being apologetic for not having enough fuel that will last the entire trip considering the weather conditions.

Mrunal Mahajan
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