2 Killed, 28 Injured After An Amusement Park Ride Crashed Mid-Air In Ahmedabad

by Mrunal Mahajan
2 Killed, 28 Injured After An Amusement Park Ride Crashed Mid-Air In Ahmedabad

This shocking incident happened in Ahemdabad’s Kankaria Adventure Park where the ‘joy ride’ split into two parts while the ride was mid-air. This incident claimed the lives of two people who were sitting in the ride.

A video of this incident was recorded by a man who was standing away from the ride. In the video, we can see the ride crashing into two pieces and hits the ground. The joy ride was carrying 30 people out of while 28 were severely injured and 2 were killed.

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Ahmedabad Mirror reports, the Forensic Science Laboratory and the Police are investigating the incident. The AMC Chief Fire Officer, M. F. Dastoor said, “The pipe of the main shaft broke and crashed on the ground.”

Ahemdabad Municipal commissioner tweeted to give sincere condolences to the families fo the deceased. Replying to his previous tweet he said ”I have instructed AMC officials to file an FIR with City Police so that we can have a criminal investigation with the help of forensic experts and determine exact reason of the accident. We need to fix accountability for such horrific accidents.”

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The Forensic Science Laboratory is using cranes to investigate the scene and understand what exactly happened. The ride was 66 feet high and they want to closely investigate the blood splatters and any other pieces of evidence are left behind.

People are questioning the ‘maintenance’ of these rides and who is the one to be questioned in this mishap. Take a look at this video where we see the ride actually crashing mid-air and the onlookers are stunned by what just happened in that amusement park.