37 Passengers Injured Due To Severe Turbulence On Air Canada Flight

by Mrunal Mahajan
37 Passengers Injured Due To Severe Turbulence On Air Canada Flight

Air Canada was carrying 284 passengers from Vancouver to Sydney and had to make an emergency landing in Hawaii as they experienced severe turbulence mid-air. 37 people were severely injured and had to be immediately taken to the hospital in Honolulu on Thursday.

The plane was 36,000 feet in the air on the Pacific when they experienced turbulence. The passengers on board who did not have a seat belt on hit their heads directly on the roof of the plane. There was no prior warning given by the staff or the pilot. The onboard passengers tell ABC news that half the cabin did not have seat belts on.

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The people on board, some of whom were sitting and some of whom were standing, all suffered injuries. The ones who were standing hit the floor. 30 of these passengers were taken to the hospital in Honolulu and many others suffered severe head and neck injuries.

As per the ABC reports, 5 onboard passengers were doctors who started treating the injured until the plane landed. The oxygen masks were hanging in Boeing  777-200 jet after the passengers experienced turbulence. People in the flight recorded these incidents.

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Jess Smith the passenger on board recorded this incident and said: “everyone hit the ceiling of the plane” after the plane experienced “huge turbulence” reports ABC news.

Sam Rattanasone, a passenger put a picture on Instagram where he is seen where a neck brace after the incident on Air Canada.

Air Canada flight
Image Credits: Sam Rattanasone  / Instagram

The airline arranged for hospital and stay for all the passengers and staff in a Hawaii hotel. If you do decide to make a trip to Canada though (preferably not from Sydney). then do check out things to do!