Vistara Flights Cancelled & Delayed; Rumours Rife With Pilot Sick Leaves, Airline Responds

Many Vistara flights were cancelled and delayed in the past few days.

by Shreya Ghosh
Vistara Flights Cancelled & Delayed; Rumours Rife With Pilot Sick Leaves, Airline Responds

Travelling via flights is mostly a pleasant experience unless we need to face the issues of delays and cancellations. Recently, such instances have unfortunately become quite a common problem. Many Vistara passengers underwent unpleasant experiences recently as many flights saw travel disruptions in the already scheduled journeys.

Why Were So Many Vistara Flights Delayed And Cancelled?

Vistara Flights
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Amid many complaints about pilot shortages, problems with flight operations, and more, Vistara witnessed a crazy week. A huge number of flights were delayed by more than a week. Along with these, there were some cancellations too.

A spokesperson of Vistara recently stated, “We confirm that we have had a few flight cancellations and unavoidable flight delays in the last few days. However, we would like to clarify that it cannot be attributed to pilot absenteeism alone.” While talking about the much-talked-about flight schedule disruptions seen in the past few days, the spokesperson also added how the airline witnessed disruptions across the network and there are a host of factors responsible for all these.

Several reasons are responsible for all the fiasco, delays, and cancellations. “Unforeseen maintenance requirements on some aircraft”, “unfavourable weather conditions in North India for some days”, “air traffic congestion”, and some “routine operational constraints” are some major factors leading to the recent flight disruptions of the airline.

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What About The Pilots Taking Mass Sick Leaves?

Vistara Flights
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There have been reports and headlines about Vistara pilots taking mass sick leaves that led to many flight delays, changes in scheduled flight operations, and cancellations. Well, these issues have not been faced by many passengers solely for pilots and their leaves. The spokesperson stated that “there has been no rise in the number of pilots reporting sick. It has remained well within the range that is factored in the manpower planning”.

This was one of the many reasons that led to the past disruptions. The airline is currently working to control the issues, maintain the schedules, and be committed to offering seamless connectivity to the passengers.

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Have you faced any such problems while flying with Vistara?

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