Vistara Will Now Introduce In-Flight Wi-Fi Service; Becomes The 1st Indian Airline To Do So

by Tejashee Kashyap
Vistara Will Now Introduce In-Flight Wi-Fi Service; Becomes The 1st Indian Airline To Do So

In-flight Wi-Fi messaging allows passengers on aeroplanes to stay connected and send messages using their smartphones, tablets, or other devices while in the air. This service is becoming increasingly common on many airlines, especially for longer flights. Now, Vistara Airlines, owned by Tata Sons and SIA, has announced that it will begin offering free in-flight Wi-Fi to Club Vistara members.

Vistara Airline Provides Complimentary In-Flight Wi-Fi

Vistara airline stated that Club Vistara members would be able to use services such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and iMessage even at 35000 feet. The airline becomes the only Indian airline to provide this service onboard. They also stated that passengers will be unable to send or receive images, videos, or audio files.

Vistara CV Platinum and Business Class customers continue to receive free 50MB data for onboard surfing. To receive both benefits, members must first activate the 50 MB surf plan before activating the unlimited texting service.

When flying outside of India on Boeing 787-9 DreamlinerTM and Airbus A321 aircraft, you can utilise the complimentary in-flight Wi-Fi to connect personal electronic devices such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. According to the airline, the passenger’s CV ID must be paired with the booking in order to enjoy unrestricted messaging on the flight.

Members who have completed their enrolment and validated their contact information, including email and mobile number, will be allowed to use the Complimentary Wi-Fi. To take advantage of the incentive, members must ensure that their CV ID is added to the booking before boarding the trip. Members may only use this service for themselves and on a single device.

To use the complimentary Wi-Fi service for conversation, the member’s name on the ticket must exactly match the Club Vistara account. Moreover, this offer is subject to change at any time and has no monetary value.

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Why Airlines Are Introducing In-Flight Messaging Services

Some airlines offer faster and more reliable in-flight Wi-Fi services, while others may have more limited capabilities. n-flight messaging allows passengers to stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues even when they are thousands of feet in the air. This is particularly important for business travellers, families, and individuals who want to communicate or share information during a flight.

For business travellers, in-flight messaging can be crucial for staying productive. They can continue to work, respond to emails, and collaborate with colleagues during their flight. Messaging provides a form of entertainment for passengers too.

For airlines, offering in-flight messaging services can be a source of additional revenue. Passengers are often willing to pay for in-flight Wi-Fi access. And messaging services may be bundled with internet packages or offered as a standalone service. Airlines that offer reliable in-flight messaging can gain a competitive edge. Passengers may choose one airline over another based on the availability and quality of in-flight connectivity options.

Overall, this service enhances the flying experience, promotes safety, generates revenue, and supports the needs and expectations of modern travellers.

Are you looking forward to Vistara’s in-flight messaging services?

Cover image credits: Website/Vistara

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