Wait, What? This Airline Tried Charging A Couple Almost $100 For Carrying Two Small Pastries!

by Tejashee Kashyap
Wait, What? This Airline Tried Charging A Couple Almost $100 For Carrying Two Small Pastries!

Known for its no-frills approach to air travel, offering low-cost fares, Ryanair has been a popular low-cost airline choice for passengers moving throughout Europe and some other destinations.  However now, an incident has been brought to light when the airline reportedly had their passengers being charged for carrying pastries onboard, saying the food exceeded their baggage limit.

 Passengers Charged For Carrying Two Small Pastries

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Saying that the two small pastries are exceeding the baggage limit, the airline officials of Ryanair asked passengers to pay an extra $100. almost The airline demanded that each traveller pay €45, or $49, in order to bring their ensamadas, a classic Spanish dessert, along with them.

The pair was travelling from the airport in Palma de Mallorca with just their hand luggage and the little nibbles, according to The Mirror. They ultimately made the choice to forgo the snacks than pay the airline’s fare. News of the airline’s decision sparked anger among Spanish officials.

Even Balearics’ tourism minister, Iago Negueruela, called the airline and the country’s local pastry-makers association to a meeting to discuss the incident.

Ireland-based ultra-low-cost airline Ryanair was one of the first to start charging customers for carry-on luggage. As per their airline policy, only priority customers are permitted to carry small bags and bigger cabin baggage on board, The fee to add this benefit ranges from €6 to €35.99, according to the airline’s website.

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In light of this odd incident of passengers being charged for carrying pastries, early this year, staff members of this airline mistakenly shut passengers inside a windowless airport hallway

But, Are Ensaïmadas Heavy In Weight?

Ensaïmadas has become a beloved delicacy and are often purchased as souvenirs when visiting Mallorca, a Spanish island.

Made from a sweet, yeast-based dough, the pastry is rolled into a spiral shape. It is baked until golden and flaky. The dough is enriched with ingredients such as eggs, sugar, and sometimes lard. Traditionally, ensaïmadas were made with pork lard, although vegetable fats are often used nowadays. Once baked, they are dusted with powdered sugar, giving them a delicate sweetness.

The weight of an ensaïmada dessert can vary depending on its size and the specific recipe used. Typically, individual ensaïmadas can weigh around 100-150 grams (3.5-5.3 ounces).

What do you think of this peculiar incident of passengers being charged for carrying pastries?

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