Wanna Save Money While Travelling? Shenaz Treasury Has Some Tips For You!

by Dikshita
Wanna Save Money While Travelling? Shenaz Treasury Has Some Tips For You!

Travelling seems like a mandate amidst today’s busy life. And definitely who doesn’t love exploring new places, meeting cultural communities, and trying local cuisines? But the skyrocketing budgets and expenditures keep making us drop the idea of travelling every time we wish to plan one. However, it is not necessary to make a big budget to travel. If planned mindfully, the same luxurious destinations and trips can be enjoyed on small budgets too.

Plan Your Next Trip With Shenaz Treasury

The actor-turned-travel blogger, Shenaz Treasury who has a million Instagram followers shared some mind-boggling tips to travel on a budget. The next time you crave a holiday, keep these small tips and tricks in mind to save big.

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  • Avoid materialism and value experiences.
  • Make a separate account for travel and put 10 percent of your earnings into this account.
  • There is no harm in following a budget ruthlessly. Cut corners wherever you can. These may include using public transport to go around the city or staying at a cheaper hotel as you’d be out of the room mostly.
  • Track your spending by using apps or by making notes of your expenditures.
  • Practice travel hacking which allows you to take advantage of, and utilise the various offers given by airlines, credit cards, hotels, etc. You can accumulate and redeem points and get some upgrades, free stays, etc.  
  • Be flexible with your travel schedule and choose off-seasons for the best deals.

Shenaz Treasury’s Travel Journey:

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Shenaz Treasury shared her initial journey on how she travelled and saved simultaneously. She said that she always wanted to do something/ anything just to travel the world. She said that when she started travelling, she used to follow these rules to keep her travel within budget. Also, she doesn’t own her independent house and car and shares them with her parents to save money to travel.

Tick off that long-listed destination on your bucket list and travel worry-free!

Cover image courtesy: Instagram/ Shenaz Treasury