Want A More Close-Up View Of Dubai Fountains? Now You Can In Only AED 20

by Deeplata Garde
Want A More Close-Up View Of Dubai Fountains? Now You Can In Only AED 20

Being in Dubai and not catching a glimpse of the famous Dubai fountains is a crime. If you have never visited the Marina to catch the show, we have an exciting offer. Now drop the idea of watching the fountains from a far distance. Just go to the Boardwalk near Dubai Mall to witness the stunning fountains up close. Check the deets below.

Catch A Close-Up View Of Dubai Fountains For Just AED 20

The Boardwalk is a floating bridge that will help you sneak in a closer view of the Dubai fountains. Gone are the days of admiring the fountains from a distance, now are the days to feel the breeze and water splashing on your face lightly. How refreshing did it feel just imagining it?

Approach the counter nearby and it would cost you just AED 20 per person. It’s not much to witness the beautiful water and light show standing so close by to the fountains.

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Dubai Fountain
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The Dubai Fountain Bridge, also known as the Boardwalk, is a floating platform close to the jet and distant from the main crowds. The ticket gives you access to witness the 30 min water & light shows.

It’s always advised to pre-book your tickets well in advance. Take in some of the best up-close views of the dancing fountains that are available. It will save you from the struggle of finding a spot later on.

Dubai Fountain Show starts from evening 6 pm and is carried on till 11 pm with an episode of 30 mins.
If you don’t wish to access this boardwalk then you can always choose the safest viewing spot. The most well-liked and accessible site to view the Dubai Fountains is on the waterfront promenade in front of Dubai Mall. It’s one of the busiest as well. The central exit is where most people leave Dubai Mall.

So where would you go to watch Dubai’s famous Fountain show?

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