Watch: A Heated Exchange Followed At Andheri Station Ticket Window Over Change Of ₹5!

by Mallika Khurana
Watch: A Heated Exchange Followed At Andheri Station Ticket Window Over Change Of ₹5!

The world is full of chaos with everyone struggling with one thing or another. A lot of times, we all come across instances over social media showcasing some kind of controversy. Whether it is videos being shot in metros or people fighting on the streets, the internet always catches some glimpses of these incidents. The latest one that caught the eyes of Twitteratis was a video where a railway official can be seen in what looks like a heated argument with a man who attempts to buy a ticket. This incident took place at the Andheri station ticket window that the individual buying the ticket shot this video. Take a look at it yourself!

This Twitter User Shared The Argument On His Handle

As per the video, the man was asking to buy a ticket and he did not have the exact amount. Offering a 100 rupee note, he asked the official to give him change. The argument got heated when the official stated that he does not have any change. Once the individual started making the video, the official got infuriated. Twitter user Tejas Shah asked the official to show his ID card and asserted that he will file a complaint against this behaviour.

Later, he went on to upload this incident on his Twitter handle. He also tagged IRCTC, the Rail Ministry of India and the Prime Minister’s Office and urged them to look into the matter.

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Twitteratis Reacted To The Andheri Station Incident

Once the video got some traction, a lot of people had a lot to say about the incident. Railway Seva also came to the rescue and addressed the user’s concern. They urged him to share his mobile number so that they could assist him efficiently.

Even the Twitteratis did not hold back while reacting to this video. However, the audience was clearly divided. While some felt it was not unusual for an official to react in this way, others stated that the issue at hand was not as big. They also brought to light the intense amount of patience it takes to deal with so many people every day.

Take a look at their opinions:

It is not always simple to decide who is in the wrong and who is in the right. What do you think about this incident?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons and Twitter/tejas shah