CT Quickies: From New Flight Routes To Ramadan Buffets, Here’s 10 Middle East Updates For You!

by Deeplata Garde
CT Quickies: From New Flight Routes To Ramadan Buffets, Here’s 10 Middle East Updates For You!

Being updated about the latest occurrences in the region is crucial in today’s time. But we definitely understand if we can’t get a hold of all that is happening around us. What if you get a bullet list that makes you well-versed with some important incidents that happened in the MENA region every week? Sounds easy to absorb a lot of information without consuming a lot of time, isn’t it? Well, that’s why we curated CT Quickies so you don’t waste your time reading long news pieces. So without further ado let’s jump to the hot happenings from the Middle East this week.

1. Abu Dhabi Launches NowNow App


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In order to provide city residents with immediate access to a wide range of services, Noon’s on-demand delivery service, NowNow, has partnered with over 150 establishments.

2. Fancy Provision Of Free Petrol For A Year In The Middle East?


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One lucky Dubai resident will receive gasoline or diesel for a year in a contest being held by the fuel provider CAFU through Monday, March 20.

3. Round-Trip Ticket From Amman To Abu Dhabi For Dhs899

Flights connecting the two cities have recently been introduced by Air Arabia, and a return ticket on the indicated itinerary begins at Dhs899.

4. Hilton Group Announces Green Ramadan In The Middle East

In an effort to reduce food waste, Hilton has announced the beginning of its Green Ramadan programme, in the Middle East’s most important locations, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

5. Sharjah Is Listed As One Of The Top Travel Destinations In 2023

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Sharjah was chosen for its cultural resources and as a “centre for contemporary art and design” on the yearly list, which spotlights 50 must-see locations around the world.

6. Sharjah Will Soon Be Home To A Mega Musical Institue

Under the SPAA, the institution will be recognized as the College of Music. The structure will have all the required amenities, such as a music hall with a seating capacity of 1,100, recording studios, practice spaces, and a music library.

7. Top Arabic Artists To Perform In Abu Dhabi During Ramadan


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Residents and visitors in Abu Dhabi may anticipate an electrifying lineup of music during the festival since Ramadan is scheduled to end on April 22.

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8 Abu Dhabi Eliminates The Tourism Tax On Event Planners

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Event planners will not now be subject to the 10% tourist fee for each ticket sold.

9. Relish Iftar & Suhoor Under AED 99 In The Middle East

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Barbecue Delights, a restaurant in Dubai, is offering excellent Iftar and Suhoor buffets for AED 69 and AED 49, respectively.

10. Race Against the Clock with Amano’s 1-Minute Hops Challenge

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One of the top Hops Challenges is being offered by the recently opened, licenced Italian restaurant Amano in Abu Dhabi. To win a voucher upto AED 500, each person must finish 5 hops in one minute.

We hope you now have your share of news from the Middle East for this week. Until next week, Ma Salaama Habibis!

Cover Image Courtesy: Emirates