Watch: Shruti Hassan Loses Her Cool After A Stranger Stalks Her At Mumbai Airport!

by Shreya Rathod
Watch: Shruti Hassan Loses Her Cool After A Stranger Stalks Her At Mumbai Airport!

Being popular and famous comes with a price. And that is losing your privacy, being followed by the paps and sometimes getting stalked by random people! Recently, Shruti Hassan, an actress, was stalked by a stranger at the Mumbai Airport.

Shruti Hassan Was Stalked By A Stranger At Mumbai Airport


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At a recent Mumbai airport, Shruti Haasan became agitated when a man followed her for a while before approaching her. She initially appeared concerned when she sensed someone was following her, but shortly she became enraged with the individual.

She was captured on camera moving quickly while frequently looking back to verify anything. She repeatedly questioned the paparazzi about who he was. Later, she changed her direction to try to avoid running into the individual. The actress was seen stepping back as a man was spotted approaching her towards the end of the footage. She exclaimed with a sour expression on her face that she didn’t know him.

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Other Celebrities Who Were Caught In Similar Situation


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Preity Zinta, an actor and businesswoman, has spoken up about allegedly being the target of harassment on two different occasions during a recent visit to the city, admitting that the events have left her feeling “a bit shaken.”

After the actor “politely” declined to have her toddler photographed, the woman quickly picked her daughter up in her arms, dropped a huge wet kiss next to her mouth, and raced off exclaiming what a gorgeous baby.

The people she worked with in the film industry helped Preity Zinta. While Arjun Rampal urged her to “call” him anytime she encounters a challenging circumstance in the future, Hrithik Roshan praised her for speaking out about her concerns. Malaika Arora, Lilly Singh, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas all congratulated the actor for speaking out.

Another incident happened with Ranbir Kapoor when he claimed that a teenage motorcyclist in Mumbai harassed him by taking his picture without asking for permission. In the Instagram video, a boy wearing a blue shirt is seen attempting to capture Ranbir’s picture via a car window against his will. The child is asked to go forward when the window pane is lowered by Ranbir’s driver.

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The biker is then seen responding to the driver and taking additional photos of Ranbir.

Cover Image Courtesy: @shrutzhaasan/ Instagram & Wikimedia