Watch The Whales From Up & Close In Mauritius

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Watch The Whales From Up & Close In Mauritius

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Get up and close with massive whales in the middle of an ocean in Mauritius.

What Is It?

This is probably the most exciting thing to do when you visit Mauritius. Hop on a speedboat for a 3-hour ride from the Bay of Tamarin. Watch the 5400 kg fish cross the sea elegantly, making passing twirls in water, If you’re lucky, you’ll even witness one jump out from the ocean!

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What’s In It?

Sperm whales can be observed all year round in Mauritius, you can see them in batches of 15-20 always swimming in groups. Humpback whales are also a common sight from July to November.

You could also see Dwarf Sperm Whale, Blainville’s Beaked Whale or Gray’s Beaked Whale. On your trip, get a chance to even witness turtles and dolphins.

Experience this once in a lifetime opportunity to snap with these mammals.

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Cost: 59€ (₹5,000)


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